Prototype 2 Review

Prototype 2 Review

Does a new protagonist mean that Prototype 2 soars to new heights? Find out in the full youtube review.

► WTF Is… – Prototype 2 ?

Totalbiscuit takes a look at the second installment in the series.

Prototype 2 Review

The Nerdy Netty’s Review on Prototype 2, an action-adventure open world video game. It was developed by Canadian studio Radical Entertainment and is the sequel to 2009’s Prototype. The game was published by Radical Entertainment’s owner, Activision. The game features a new protagonist, James Heller, as he goes on a quest to destroy the Blacklight virus. The story is also one of revenge, as Heller wants to kill Alex Mercer, protagonist of the original Prototype, after his family was killed in the outbreak of the Blacklight virus. The game is set in an open world shown from a third-person view perspective.

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I tried Prototype 2 in 2022…

Hey guys! welcome back to the channel, today we playin Prototype 2 in 2022. I remember playing the first Prototype back in the day and it was a blast! the freedom and carnage you could cause was second to none! Anyways today we take a look at the sequel… I hope you enjoy!

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Prototype 2 Is So Much Better Than You Remember

Prototype was a fun game. It was an incredibly flawed game, but a fun game nevertheless and that was still the case 13 years later. Prototype 2 on the other hand was a game I simply had wiped from my memory. Was it fun? Was it a good sequel? How was it? I had no idea but I’d heard it wasn’t great and rather disappointing. But, that’s other peoples opinions so lets find out for ourselves. After 10 years how does Prototype 2 hold up today and simply, is it better than we all remember? Lets find out!

Heavily Flawed, Extremely Fun | Prototype Retrospective –

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Time Codes:

Introduction – 00:00
Story Synopsis – 02:00
Story Thoughts – 06:48
Gameplay Mechanics – 12:35
Combat – 13:33
Difficulty – 16:06
Movement – 17:38
Mission Design – 18:43
Open World – 20:41
Gameplay Round-Up – 22:30
Conclusion – 23:26
Outro – 24:59

Better Than You Remember? | Prototype 2 Retrospective

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