Invisible Inc. Review

Invisible Inc. Review

A tough and highly repeatable turn-based spy game.

Invisible, Inc – Casual Game Review

Feeling a bit blown from the day or just not feeling like digging into
a long game? Try Invisible, Inc. A turn-based tactics stealth game developed by Canadian independent studio Klei Entertainment. Learn about the characters and plot twists in Squid Game io.

INVISIBLE, INC. (iPad) | AppSpy Review

James (@Metal_Slag) infiltrates futuristic skyscrapers and nicks gear from The Man in strategy stealth game Invisible, Inc. on iPad. Is it a sneaky success?




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► WTF Is… – Invisible Inc. ?

TotalBiscuit takes a look at the recently released tactical turn-based espionage game from Klei Entertainment.
Review key was supplied by the developers free of charge.
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