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So much more to learn….about Great Whites

A recent article from National Geographic written by Erik Vance discusses the mystery that is great white sharks. It truly is amazing that an animal such as a great white that has captivated our imagination and commanded our attention for so long still is a relative mystery. Much of it’s life history remains a secret:…


Shark City

Seems like Ammityville, the place based on the movie Jaws, is now Cape Cod. This mostly tourist town is now dubbed “shark city” due to the resurgence of Great White Sharks in the area. Starting in the month of July, juveniles have been arriving in higher numbers than normal since 2009. Now scientists are taking…


Are Great White Sharks to blame?

An article from National Geographic discusses a relatively new phenomenon with juvenile great white sharks attacking and killing sea otters.  What is interesting is that the incidents of attacks on our furry friends have increased dramatically. Before the year 2003, there were only “handful of cases each year to a few dozen.” From the years…


PADI Cert. Cards- Blue Water Series part 2

The Blue Water series is a three part series of photos designed for PADI dedicated to making people aware of conservation issues in Baja California, Mexico. This part of the world has so much to offer and photos is one way to show people just how special the underwater world is. http://www.padi.com/blog/2015/09/16/blue-water-series-the-dive-behind-the-photo-part-2/


How many sharks are killed each year for their fins?

An infographic from the Save Our Seas Foundation about the state of the shark fin trade. More than 73 million sharks are killed annually which adds up to as much as 2.3 million tons of shark fins. As most people already know China and Hong Kong remain to be the top importers of sharks fins….


NOAA declares third ever global coral bleaching event

A difficult time for some marine life as a strong El Nino event intensifies. The increased water temperatures around the globe has put at risk some of the most fragile ecosystems, coral reefs. As corals are exposed to stressful conditions such as high water temperatures, corals expel the symbiotic algae living within their tissues. This…


Mexico’s National Fisheries Statistics

I thought this project was interesting. Observers are targeting fishing villages in Mexico. With years of compiled data, now we can see which species of fish are important to which towns and how that changes over time. Just click on a town and choose a species of fish.  Then you can view total catch statistics….


PADI Cert. Cards – Blue Water Series

I have been working closely with PADI to come up with certification cards that will inspire a new generation of divers. These cards do not only share attractive images, but represent important environmental stories. First, I hope the cards create awareness of the subjects of Humpbacks, Jacks, and Giant Pacific Mantas. All of which represent…


Insight into Great White shark migratory pattern

Marine Conservation Science Institute has published data of 4 female Great White Sharks that were tagged in Guadalupe Island, Mexico. The names of the sharks for identification purposes are Amy, Kimmel, Tailscratch, and Annika. The illustration clearly shows the sharks each spend a lot of time in the middle of the Pacific ocean. This area…


The Importance of establishing Marine Protected Areas

We definitely need more large Marine Protected Areas. Establishing reserves allows a marine ecosystem to replenish vital habitat and species. This supports recreation and tourism and has a major financial upside for local communities. The challenge is getting local communities to “buy into” the idea that this benefits them. Many low-income communities near the coast…


Check out Bisbees Marlin’s World Magazine….my photo on the cover!

Bisbee’s Marlin World Magazine is a leader in education and conservation the Sportfishing world. They strive to educate their readers about current issues. In addition, they are very interested in the life below the water. I am proud to have a 12 page spread with interview highlighting the Sea of Cortez and the Revillagigedo Archipelago….


Didn’t you know? Sharks are important!

There are some 500 species of sharks in the world. They are found in all oceans. Unfortunately, sharks face threats from humans. It has been reported that 70 million sharks are caught each year and 33% of shark species are already endangered. Might people be the end of sharks? I hope not.  People that may…


An interesting new tool to protect Marine Protected Areas

Check out this link from the Pew Charitable trust. The article describes development of a new program that allows large scale park monitoring and enforcement from afar. This program will monitor vessels’ identities, locations, speed, and more. Could this tool help governments across the globe protect our oceans?…I think, yes. http://www.pewtrusts.org/en/research-and-analysis/fact-sheets/2015/01/virtual-watch-room


A step into their world

Humpback Whales frequent Mexico’s Revillagigedo Archipelago each year from Jan.-April. Though there are many whales sightings during the season, it’s rare and special to interact with them underwater. Here is an article  I wrote, featured by Sportdiver, about a recent extraordinary experience. http://www.sportdiver.com/photos/humpback-whale-encounter


Whale shark rescue article

  Ever been part of something that just made you so proud. Sportdiver just published an article I wrote about a whale shark we freed from a fishing line. It’s quite a story and such a special experience and I hope that it illustrates that we can all make a difference. -Dave   http://www.sportdiver.com/article/news/whale-shark-rescue    

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Sharks endangered

Sharks are in trouble and this image shares what is occurring in our oceans. Check this out: 73 million sharks killed each year, the US catches more than 29, 000 tons of sharks and rays, Mexico catches over 34, 000 tons of sharks and rays.


Featured in Sharkdiver Magazine

Hey all. Check this out! A photo I took was shared by Shark Diver Magazine. It’s a thresher shark on a baitball…quite rare and very amazing. Hope you all enjoy.


Great whites

Great Whites are sometimes unpredictable. This week we had only one day of action. It was an amazing day of sharks, but the rest of the week was very quiet. In fact, only one shark on the last day and only for about a half hour. The lesson is: when the sharks are there, you…